41 Texas Congressional Candidates sign Family Business Coalition’s Death Tax Repeal Pledge

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March 1, 2018                                                  alex@familybusinesscoalition.org

41 Texas Congressional Candidates sign Family Business Coalition’s Death Tax Repeal Pledge

Pledges commit to full and permanent repeal of burdensome tax

WASHINGTON, DC: March 1, 2018:  Today, the Family Business Coalition announced that 41 current Texas Congressional candidates have joined a growing list of supporters in signing the Death Tax Repeal Pledge.

The Death Tax Repeal Pledge has been committing candidates for public office to full and permanent repeal of the death tax for over ten years. Since 2010, hundreds of current members and candidates have made this pledge offering their full support.

In December 2017, President Donald Trump officially signed The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into legislation, which created new exemptions cutting down on the number of families subjected to the death tax by 65%. However, these exemptions are temporary, as the death tax will return to its’ 2017 level and perhaps worse in 2025, without further Congressional action. The death tax is proven to destroy jobs by targeting family-owned businesses. This pledge commits candidates and elected members to work towards a full repeal of the tax.

“We are thrilled to add to our many champions for death tax repeal. These signees fully support eliminating this economically destructive tax,” said Palmer Schoening, Chairman of the FBC. “No grieving family, rich or poor, should have to sell off land or equipment to pay an additional tax to Uncle Sam. These candidates are committed to protecting America’s family owned businesses and farms.”

Recent Texas signees include:

  1. Senator Ted Cruz (TX-Senate)
  2. Mr. Dan Crenshaw (TX-2)
  3. Mr. Justin Lurie (TX-2)
  4. Mr. David Neiderkorn (TX-3)
  5. Mr. Van Taylor (TX-3)
  6. Mr. John Cooper (TX-4)
  7. Congressman John Ratcliffe (TX-4)
  8. Mr. Danny Campbell (TX-5)
  9. Mr. Lance Gooden (TX-5)
  10. Ms. Bunni Pounds (TX-5)
  11. Mr. Kenneth Sheets (TX-5)
  12. Mr. Kenneth Cope (TX-6)
  13. Mr. Jake Ellzey (TX-6)
  14. Mr. Kevin Harrison (TX-6)
  15. Mr. Troy Ratterree (TX-6)
  16. Mr. Ron Wright (TX-6)
  17. Congressman John Culberson (TX-7)
  18. Paul Myers (TX-11)
  19. Mr. Bill Sargent (TX-14)
  20. Congressman Randy Weber (TX-14)
  21. Mr. Rick Seeberger (TX-16)
  22. Congressman Bill Flores (TX-17)
  23. Mr. Quico Conseco (TX-21)
  24. Mr. Jason Isaac (TX-21)
  25. Ms. Susan Navarez (TX-21)
  26. Mr. William Negley
  27. Mr. Autry Pruitt (TX-21)
  28. Mr. Chip Roy (TX-21)
  29. Mr. Robert Stovall (TX-21)
  30. Mr. Eric Zmrhal (TX-22)
  31. Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24)
  32. Congressman Roger Williams (TX-25)
  33. Ms. Veronica Birkenstock (TX-26)
  34. Congressman Michael Burgess (TX-26)
  35. Mr. Jerry Hall (TX-27)
  36. Ms. Carmen Maria Monteil (TX-29)
  37. Mr. Mike Sweeney (TX-31)
  38. Congressman Peter Sessions (TX-32)
  39. Dr. Rey Gonzalez (TX-34)
  40. Mr. SK Alexander (TX-35)
  41. Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36)



A full list of Death Tax Repeal Pledge signees can be found at: www.deathtaxrepealpledge.org.


The Family Business Coalition is a diverse collection of organizations and industry groups united for the common purpose of protecting America’s family businesses across the country. FBC works to implement tax policies that help family businesses of all sizes create jobs and continue to the next generation. They can be reached at (202)-787-1399.